Board of Directors

Bethany DeGraaf


Open Position

Vice President

chris knoll


open position


Erica hoodhood

tom degraaf

Janiece lambert-Mann

Barb DePree

Are you looking for an opportunity to give back to your community?

We may have an inspiring opportunity for you as a new volunteer member of its Board of Directors.

Qualifications for Board Members

The CDS Board of Directors should reflect the community and represent various backgrounds. Board members must live or work in Ottawa County. Experience with Head Start programs is a plus.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  1. Help the agency to achieve its mission and vision and meet the organization’s goals for the population we serve.
  2. Provide financial oversight and ensure that proper financial controls are in place.
  3. Ensure adequate resources are available for the organization to fulfill its mission.
  4. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability of staff. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the organization meets legal standards and ethical norms.
  5. Ensure effective organizational planning. The Board must participate in strategic planning, self-assessment, community assessment and assist in implementing and monitoring goals.
  6. Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance.
  7. Enhance the organization’s public image.
  8. Determine, monitor, and strengthen the organization’s programs and services.
  9. Support the Executive Director and assess performance. The Board should ensure that the Executive Director has the moral and professional support needed to further the goals of the organization.
  10. Assist with fundraising activities and/or provide small financial donation.

The Board of Director’s meetings are typically held one evening each month.

If you are interested in learning more about being on the CDS Board or Directors, please send an email of interest including a brief summary of your background to